How to apply for Healthy Way LA

Health care is in transition in Los Angeles County, and also nationwide. Obamacare (officially PPACA, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is on the way. As a stop-gap between the broadening of eligibility for Medi-Cal provided for in Obamacare and current health needs, Los Angeles County has a program called Healthy Way LA. If you make 133% of the Poverty Line or below, you can qualify.

Here’s the official “how to apply” info.

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How Stress Breaks Down Your Mind and Body (and How to Fight Back)

Stress isn’t always a bad thing, though. In some cases it protects us from danger—in fact, that’s the whole point. Stress is a leftover survival technique that we don’t have as much use for now. When we commonly fought for survival, our fight-or-flight mode (triggered by stress) was imperative.These days, the problem comes with having more stress in our lives than we need. Since we rarely need to be in fight-or-flight mode, our body’s stress reactions can become problematic when they’re too strong or happen too often.

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California free community clinics and health care centers

Hundreds of community clinics in California provide low cost or free medical care to the uninsured, disadvantaged, and low income as well as patients who have inadequate or no health insurance. These health care centers will not turn anyone away from their services, and they will bill patients based on a sliding fee scale. This basically means that people will need to pay only what they can afford to pay.

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Find help paying medical bills or free health care.

Get information on resources and assistance programs that can help with medical bills. Learn where to find free or affordable medical or dental care as well as prescription medications. Low income families, seniors and people who either lack health insurance or who are under-insured can explore various assistance programs for their medical needs and health care costs.

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3 ways to keep your body and your brain fit for life..

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5 Ways To Quiet a Racing Mind

Sleep Deprivation from a Racing Mind is a Growing Problem

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Covered California (web link)

Millions of Californians will be able to choose affordable, high-quality health insurance coverage offered through Covered California™ that will take effect January 2014. Covered California is a new, easy-to-use marketplace where you and your family may get financial assistance to make coverage more affordable and where you will be able to compare and choose health coverage that best fits your needs and budget. By law, your coverage can’t be dropped or denied even if you have a pre-existing medical condition or get sick.

You may have thought you couldn’t afford health insurance, but Covered California will provide the tools for you to shop for health insurance that meets your health care needs and financial realities. The federal law called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides a number of ways for individuals and employers to help make coverage more affordable. For individuals, financial assistance is available on a sliding scale, with more support for those who earn less. Covered California will help you determine if you qualify for these types of assistance programs.

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